Going into Nature…

When thinking of nature, most people would immediately picture the woods. Most people visualize large trees standing tall with their branches reaching towards the blue sky above. Some think of mountains with peaks covered in snow. Others imagine the familiar view of a sandy beach, where waves roll and greet the shore while a salty sea breeze whistles in the air. I think of nature frequently. I also imagine tall trees, mountains, and longingly think of how captivating and beautiful the ocean is. However, inside of me, there is an urge to understand the mysteries that nature entails. There is a curiosity in human beings to explore the unknown.

For the past year, I have researched why people go into nature in attempt to escape mainstream society. I am eager to understand why people have this inherent desire to return, in a sense, into nature. I wish to understand why I feel connected with wilderness. My research has consisted of reading authors like Henry David Thoreau, Jon Krakauer, and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Henry David Thoreau, a main focus in my research, went into nature in order to live deliberately. Thoreau after experiencing the death of his brother, his close friend’s son, and being rejected by the only woman he ever loved, chose to live in a Cabin in order to learn how to write, how to transform his pain into something with a meaning. He went in order to discover what mattered to him. Nature, to him, was not only an outlet for his emotions, but a source for thoughts to arise and circulate. He found company in his own solitude.

This blog is the journal of my journey into nature. I am not leaving behind my family and friends to go on a voyage across country. I am not living in a cabin a few miles out of my town. I am simply trying to find balance and harmony in my environment. I want to have comfort in my own solitude. I want to live deliberately, but I want to live for my own purpose and my own meaning. This is my quest to find that purpose, to unveil my essence as an individual, and to share my findings with anyone who is willing to listen.

So, my journey begins.


About learningtolivedeliberately

I'm Victoria, eighteen years old from a small town in NH. I study English Literature and Writing at a small liberal arts college in Boston, MA. I find inspiration from authors like Henry David Thoreau, George Orwell and Charles Bukowski. I'm fascinated by nature and exploring the world around me. I strive to understand the inherent wanderlust seen not only in myself, but in many others around the world. This blog is to share what I have learned, and to record my journey into the wild.
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2 Responses to Going into Nature…

  1. Good luck on your journey Victoria.

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