Looking Upwards…

While visiting Wilmington, NC, there was a night when the sky was painted in reds, golds, and purples above the tree-line. It is so important to look around you as you travel; take advantage of the beauty this world offers. There are moments of great happiness, sadness, sorrow and joy. And then there are moments of feeling complete and utter contentment. Those are the moments I remember. Humbled by the magnificence in the natural world…


About learningtolivedeliberately

I'm Victoria, eighteen years old from a small town in NH. I study English Literature and Writing at a small liberal arts college in Boston, MA. I find inspiration from authors like Henry David Thoreau, George Orwell and Charles Bukowski. I'm fascinated by nature and exploring the world around me. I strive to understand the inherent wanderlust seen not only in myself, but in many others around the world. This blog is to share what I have learned, and to record my journey into the wild.
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One Response to Looking Upwards…

  1. rayannsom says:

    you’re right – so important to be aware moment-to-moment!

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