On Change…

The bitterness of winter is communicated in the frost upon the ground, the barren trees, and in the silence that whispers in the nippy air. Where daffodils once bloomed in the vibrant spring and summer, a hint of white marks the ground. A cold that can no longer rest, lingers in every piece of grass, and in every frozen leaf that has fallen from the trees. What once was, is not forever gone, but is frozen in time, resonating memories and essence.

Just as a stream that was once trickling with the sun’s reflection sparkling in every ripple now freezes, the human soul is inherently designed to go through cycles. Some cycles will occur each year, while some cycles are rare.

This is my first post in quite some time. I’ve been trying to focus on my first semester of college at a liberal arts college in Florida. However, I feel as if it’s time to begin reflecting on life through my writing once again. I cannot say that I am the same person, for time and experience has changed me, perhaps weathered me and enlightened me simultaneously. This I declare as growth, as change, and as maturity.

Although my experience in Florida was wonderful, I decided to return to New England to attend college in Boston. I feel as if I am picking up where I left off last year, on my journey to learn to “live deliberately”. I know now, as I knew then, that the best way to learn about myself and the world is through experience and through nature. I feel that Boston is the perfect setting to combine both new experiences with a familiar setting close to the places of nature that I love and call home. Perhaps what is more profound than the change of setting, is the change in self.

From my decisions, both ones that I regret and ones I am proud of, I have become more confident in myself. I feel a change inside me, one that pushes me and inspires me to explore not only the world around me but my innermost yearnings and aspirations as well. I am not only learning to explore and grow, but I am learning how to lead a modest life. I feel I have changed for the better, as a wiser and more-well rounded being. Although, there is always much to learn.

Even the smallest seed can grow into the tallest of trees. Even in the coldest winter lies warmth. And in the simplest things lies beauty. With a little time, all things must grow and change in some shape or form.

I have discovered that change happens when we least expect it, and when we promote it. Change is healthy, and change is complicated. But I promise that it is worth the wait. 

I hope you and everyone you know experience a moment of clarity and purpose as I have. I truly believe that each person i destined to find the simplicity in life and cherish it. I’m glad to be writing once again, and pleased to continue my journey to “live deliberately”, just as Thoreau would want.

I carry my special addition of Walden that I received from my English teacher and mentor around with mostly everywhere. There is opportunity everywhere, grasp it, challenge it, and cherish it. 


About learningtolivedeliberately

I'm Victoria, eighteen years old from a small town in NH. I study English Literature and Writing at a small liberal arts college in Boston, MA. I find inspiration from authors like Henry David Thoreau, George Orwell and Charles Bukowski. I'm fascinated by nature and exploring the world around me. I strive to understand the inherent wanderlust seen not only in myself, but in many others around the world. This blog is to share what I have learned, and to record my journey into the wild.
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