On the Nurturing Ways of Nature…

Nature, in all of its forms, has a way of nurturing life and the living; nature is able to create, give, and sustain life.

Nature benefits the human body, the human mind, and the human soul.

This morning I awoke to the rays of the sun as they shined through my window. I felt a warm energy around me, but perhaps more importantly, within me. I could feel the dreary affects of winter embark from my body, slowly but surely. I felt that I had the physical strength to grasp all the responsibilities of the day in addition to feeling an emotional awakening.

I truly believe that nature is a vital part of not only sustaining life, but also in enjoying life.

Nature produce the essentials to human life, including oxygen, water, etc. Although this aspect of nature is under-appreciated at times, it is important to recognize how necessary nature is, and the role it takes in sustaining life.

Yet, another aspect of nature’s contribution also goes under-appreciated far too often.

In the wilderness, whether it be the woods, a mountain, or a body of water, an individual is able to introspectively reflect on all aspects of life.

It is in the wilderness that naturalists and famous authors, such as Thoreau, who are respected in high regarded, have been able to reflect, meditate, observe and write some of the most profound works of art, literature – even science – known to man.

When in the wilderness, seek not for a profound experience, but rather a personal and intimate experience that will allow you to open your mind and your heart.

In nature, wilderness permits individuals to have a comfortable, yet fulfilling experience that helps one gain more awareness of self. In this sense, nature nurtures the mind and emotions.

Being in the wilderness will help bring awareness to inner wildness. The difference between wilderness and wildness can be understood in my post “Wilderness and Wildness”.

Nature aids in helping an individual understand the wildness that lies within oneself, and in the environment. Nature nurtures knowledge, awareness, and conscientiousness in addition to what it offers to benefit and support the physical body.

When I take a walk, I look at the trees, the flowers and the sky. Questions pertaining to these symbols of nature arise in my mind. Questions of science, that can be answered with a natural process, or simply a scientific explanation of some sort. However, what stimulates my mind, and my emotions, are the questions that arise as I continue to walk into the wilderness.

I question my life, my thoughts, and my goals. The longer and farther I walk, the more introspective I become. However, my questions are never the same. And, sometimes, I do not have the answers to many of my questions. Yet, I seemingly feel energized by my thoughts, and by the comforting wilderness that surrounds me. In this sense, I am nourished by nature, physically and emotionally.

I encourage my readers to venture out into nature, to observe the environment and what lies within the mind and soul.


About learningtolivedeliberately

I'm Victoria, eighteen years old from a small town in NH. I study English Literature and Writing at a small liberal arts college in Boston, MA. I find inspiration from authors like Henry David Thoreau, George Orwell and Charles Bukowski. I'm fascinated by nature and exploring the world around me. I strive to understand the inherent wanderlust seen not only in myself, but in many others around the world. This blog is to share what I have learned, and to record my journey into the wild.
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