I’m Victoria, eighteen years old from a small town in NH.

I am studying English Writing and Literature at Emmanuel College.

I find inspiration from authors like Henry David Thoreau, George Orwell and Charles Bukowski.

I’m fascinated by nature and exploring the world around me. I’ve dedicated my senior year of high school to understanding this inherent wanderlust seen not only in myself, but in many others around the world.

This blog is to share what I have learned, and to record my journey into the wild.


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  2. I’ve very much enjoying your blog! Some lovely writing here!

  3. I love the title of your blog. Deliberately is deceptively difficult, being present in the moment you’re in, seeking the moments that fulfill you. I’m working on it everyday! Will enjoy reading about your discoveries, hope there’s a lot of joy along the way. Cheers.

  4. rys, illustrates! says:

    Thank you so much for the follow!

  5. This is a really nice blog, i am also a fan of especially Thoreau’s thoughts and literature. Love your photos, thought about doing something similar, but unfortunately i dont own a good camera. Keep it up! Peace from Denmark

    • I’m glad you like my blog, and I’m also glad to see another Thoreau enthusiast! With or without a camera, keep exploring and discovering the natural world which surrounds us! Thank you so much!

      • i sure will. I though about something this night… Me and a friendnof mine are doing something called urban exploring, its about finding and photo-documentong, forgotten, abandoned, and strange urban areas, an example could be an abandoned 11-store factory at the seaside, or a forgotten subway. I thought about asking my friend to upload some of the pics, and then – maybe- we, or you and her, could do some kind of collab. I mean, theres a lot of contrast going on between nature and old urban wastelands, but then again, its alot like. What are your thoughts?

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