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On the Nurturing Ways of Nature…

Nature, in all of its forms, has a way of nurturing life and the living; nature is able to create, give, and sustain life. Nature benefits the human body, the human mind, and the human soul. This morning I awoke … Continue reading

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On Protecting the Wild Within…

“If it’s wild to your own heart, protect it.  Preserve it.  Love it. And fight for it, and dedicate yourself to it, whether it’s a mountain range, your wife, your husband, or even (god forbid) your job.  It doesn’t matter … Continue reading

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Wilderness and Wildness….

There is a difference between wilderness and wildness. There is wilderness all around us. Physically, there is wilderness in nature. Wilderness in trees, rocks, oceans and mountains. There is wilderness in the mysterious connection between all living things. There is … Continue reading

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